Monday, October 6, 2008

Political Presentations: Is It What You Say, Or How You Say It?

I hope you are having as much “fun” as I am watching and listening to the debate buzz.

Of course, I have friends on both sides of the fence. A few have asked if I was coaching any of the candidates – and a few have suggested that I do so (I’d be delighted)!

The answer is, “No, I’m not coaching any of the four candidates.” But, the real question is, “Who is?”

My work, and the work of BRODY Professional Development, is to help people in all industries hone their message and delivery – hence, the effectiveness of corporate professionals.

It’s always amazing to me to see and hear the difference that a little coaching and training can make.

Just last week, I was coaching a young female who works in an older, male-dominated environment. In a short time, with coaching, she was able to shift her message and maximize what she brings to the table.

She walked away with a greater sense of self confidence. I have no doubt that she will accomplish her objectives (selling her credibility and her ideas), when she delivers her next message.

If you have any suggestions for our presidential and vice presidential candidates on clarity and consistency of their messages, and how they should be delivering them, why not send them to me? I will post your ideas here.

My message for the week: “Speak up. Speak Out. Let others benefit from your ideas.”

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