Monday, October 27, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Love Business Travel

It was Sunday afternoon when I wrote this, and I’m on a flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas.

From there, I head to San Diego on Tuesday to deliver a speech. Then, it’s a red eye home.

Last week, I had at least five people say, “Don’t you hate to travel? Aren’t you dreading the next few days?”

Although I don’t like leaving home on Sundays, my response to them was, “No.”

Since many of you reading this also travel for work, I thought I’d give my top 10 reason (in no special order) that business travel is a gift.

1) I am working. Given the state of the economy, I feel blessed to be working -- and I love what I do.

2) Dragging my suitcase (I only do carry-on) and my laptop, etc., around the airport give me great exercise. I used to complain about this, but now that I view it as gym time, I say “Bring it on!”

3) It gives me more chances to DO...
Whether it’s waiting before a flight, or sitting on the plane (trains work, as well), I have time to catch up on reading, writing or thinking. When else do you have hours of uninterrupted time?

4) I have a chance to see different areas of the country.
Granted there’s not much time, but by arriving a few hours early or staying late, I can take a tour of the city, go to a museum, or just walk around.

5) By staying in hotels, I have the luxury of ordering room service. And, I can try foods from different regions.

6) In the hotel, I have total control of the remote control. Not to say that my husband doesn’t share, but he doesn’t!

7) I can go to sleep whenever I want.
This means I can stay up and watch late night TV or go to bed at 7.

8) There are fascinating people all around -- other road warriors, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, clients, etc. I’ve learned a lot simply by asking questions.

9) Did I mention that I’m grateful to be working?
To have a job that helps people be more effective, to love that job, and to get paid for it – what could be better?

10) The chance to go home.
Having missed family and friends, and to be missed, I look forward to business travel, so I can go home again.

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