Monday, April 6, 2009

Design a Program That Creates Interaction

This past weekend, a BRODY Professional Development team was in Texas, facilitating a “Physician Speaker Training” program.

During the morning session, what struck me the most was how engaged the physicians were with a simple creative design.

The room was arranged in circles, allowing the doctors to have discussions. The presenters were very interactive and facilitative, and funny.

The slides were easy to read, but didn’t drive the presentations.

The MC, Amy Glass from BRODY Professional Development, moved the program along with grace and humor.

In the afternoon, the large group was then broken into 9 smaller groups, each led by a BRODY facilitator – including me.

Our goal was to teach the smaller groups the steps to prepare, when given a slide deck to present.

We then used the client slides and had the participants (physicians) practice handling difficult audience member questions.

I realized how easy it would be to incorporate this design into corporate presentations and any type of team meeting.

If you want to know how to do it, get back to me:

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