Monday, February 23, 2009

When Times Get Tough, the Tough Keep Going

“Certainly times are tough, but we recognize that employee development needs to continue.”

This quote, from a February 9, 2009, article in The Wall Street Journal, was spoken by David Metzger, Director of Management Development at Canon USA.

I congratulate Mr. Metzger and Canon USA for thinking “big picture.” As long as a business is still in business, the need for effective leadership is critical -- even more critical in difficult times.

A big part of leadership is communication. After all, you could be a brilliant strategic thinker, and may make great decisions, but if you can’t influence others, how can the decisions or strategy be implemented?

If you can’t communicate effectively, the rest of these attributes rarely matter.

Even if your company has cut back on training, it is no excuse for individuals to do the same.

Keep learning new techniques and strategies. At some point, this recession will end, and you will be well ahead of the game!

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