Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Value of Focus & Humor

Did you ever feel as though you were chasing your tail?

If you work within a corporation, or any business, or have a life at all, I’m sure you can identify with this feeling.

Luckily (despite the economy), I’m very busy with executive coaching and speaking, but it does require lots of flexibility … the changing demands of clients, shifting airline schedules, and coping with family/life issues (in my case, four generations).

These factors all make it very difficult to have things go as planned or smoothly.

The way I’m coping is to:

•Plan (lay it out on paper)
•Be flexible
•Have a sense of humor

I also practice living in the present, appreciating that our only true reality is the here and now.

And, for now, living and meeting challenges is sure better than the alternative!

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