Monday, September 15, 2008

My Latest Risks Taken ... Waiting for Results

Well, the marketing flash e-mailers went out, and the PR machine has cranked into high gear, notifying professionals and the media about my new BRODY BOOST Camp --

There is lots of great feedback about having this event, but, so far, no one has signed up. Remember the risks I spoke about last week?

It’s early yet, and I have found that being an optimist is a good thing. You do your best, and assume that things will work out – most of the time, they do!

So, what else is new?

On Friday, I recorded some audio files for a new venture with SoundWise. Their slogan is “Concise advice to improve your life 24/7.” My material was on networking, presentation skills and women in business.

Check it out – It’s a real mix of subject matter experts and topics.

And, tomorrow, September 16th, I make my "debut" in Second Life -- the virtual world that has increasing real world applications for leadership and professional development companies like BRODY, and executive coaches like myself.

I will be the guest speaker based on one of my books -- participating in a roundtable discussion titled "Career MAGIC: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition." The event will take place on Athena Isle in Second Life at 3 pm ET -- 12pm PST/SLT.

Second Life residents can attend my book chat by going to:

Here’s my challenge for you all:

What are you doing this week that assumes some risk?

What are you doing that is new and interesting?

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