Friday, August 22, 2008

Remember -- Your Brand is Viral, Too!

We all know about YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

But, have you heard about Twitter? Buzzle? Blogger? Plaxo? Ecademy? Spoke? Naymz?

There’s no question that online marketing and blog web sites have exploded in recent years – a new one seems to pop into the picture every month.

More and more professionals – myself included – are taking advantage of these free sites, and creating profiles. After all, viral marketing is yet another way to get your message out there to the masses, and expanding your “brand.”

Don’t forget, however, that even online branding efforts must have a consistent message and “feel.” Whatever you do in the real world via traditional marketing materials like letterhead, business cards and your web site, must “jive” with your profiles and images on these new social networking sites, too.

Carry over any tag lines you use to viral marketing – and use the same or similar pictures, too. Sure, it’s OK to also create a more edgy look and content for your profile and diary on Twitter. After all, you don’t want to appear staid online -- the audience you will reach there is anything but.

By all means, have fun when expanding your online presence. But, just remember …. Don’t say or post anything there that you wouldn’t want your top client, prospect, or future employer, to see and read.

It’s OK to have an opinion about the latest social or political event, but ask yourself whether it’s wise to post it where millions could see it and possibly misperceive your intent.

Even e-mails between colleagues have been misinterpreted – it’s hard to truly understand one’s intent in the written vs. spoken word. Just imagine what your blog entry may be saying about you.

Your brief moment of perceived levity or sarcasm could end up costing you, big time.

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