Monday, March 24, 2008

Words Are Powerful

How many times do you say something to someone in haste, only to wish you hadn’t?

If only you could hit a “rewind” or “delete” button before it comes out of your mouth or on your screen.

Words are powerful tools in every day communication – whether you are writing or speaking them. And, they are often abused or misused.

For example, why on earth would you use the word “heretofore” in a letter instead of “previously?”

Just because it’s the written word doesn’t mean you can’t choose words wisely. After all, sounding pretentious is not OK.

Here’s some guidelines.

•Keep it simple. This includes avoiding jargon and acronyms.
•Avoid “power robbers.” Words like “I believe” or “I’ll try” don’t exactly instill confidence.
•Don’t use “weasel words” like “sort of,” “kinda,” “probably,” and “maybe.”
•Use confident language like, “I suggest,” “I recommend,” and “I urge.”

Choose your words well. Remember they are powerful.

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