Monday, March 17, 2008

Business Travel Used To Be Fun.

Well, maybe it wasn’t fun, but it sure wasn’t as frustrating as it is today.

Aside from late arrivals and departures, hours on the tarmac, no food, overbooked flights, and lost luggage (carry-on rules!), the behavior of fellow travelers has deteriorated to the point of no return.

Let me tell you about a recent experience.

I was returning after speaking in Las Vegas, and enroute was struck once again about the impact of our travel behaviors. On my flight from the East Coast was a group of people who were attending the convention and sponsoring a booth. To say that they were rude on the flight is an understatement. The beer and vodka flowed. They were loud and even “hit” on one of the flight attendants. The other passengers around them were not amused by their disruptive behavior. As I observed, I was wondering if any of their customers were watching this.

The next day I did an educational session called “Successful People Are Connected People.” At one point an audience member said, “I was flying here from the East Coast yesterday and a group of attendees were so obnoxious on the flight. Before the trip I had thought of contacting them about buying some or their products, but I wouldn’t consider it now.” This was no surprise to me. I had to wonder how many people felt the same about the group on my flight, and how many other flights this same thing was happening.

If you are a fellow road warrior, you probably can relate – the goal, of course, is to put up a mirror and ask yourself, “Is she talking about me?”

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