Monday, December 7, 2009

Office Party Etiquette: Remember Your Business Professionalism

Holiday time is here, and party invites are flowing.

Time for fun … and time for faux pas a plenty!

Here is my list of 9 holiday party mistakes to avoid making …

1) Not RSPVing when asked. Always respond to invitations – whether or not you can attend the event. This includes citing any guests who will be coming with you, too.

2) Making wardrobe mistakes. Always plan your wardrobe carefully, and ensure it’s appropriate attire for the event. For women, this means remembering that a party isn’t the time to show off cleavage. For men, the reminder is that no one needs to see your chest hair or 6-pack. For both genders, remember to limit how much skin you show in general.

3)Not knowing the exact location. Find out the exact location of the party before you leave, so you arrive on time. No last-minute scrambling to get directions or set up your GPS. “Fashionably late” isn’t fashionable.

4)Drinking too much alcohol. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption is not a license for poor behavior. I don’t care if there IS an open bar, that’s not an excuse for drinking more than you should.

5)Talking business. Always keep conversations to small talk and not major business-related topics. There’s a time and place for everything.

6)Sticking with one or two people the whole time. Mix and mingle at all work and business parties. Don’t spend too much time with any one person. Parties are for socializing and meeting new people.

7)Pigging out at the buffet. Remember, it’s NOT about the food. So, when you eat at these holiday affairs, avoid overdoing it. And, watch your table manners!

8)Overstaying your welcome. You certainly don’t have to be the last person to leave. But worse yet, never put yourself in a position where you’re asked to leave.

9)Forgetting to send a thank-you note. Always send a thank-you note to the host or hosts. You will be remembered for the right reasons.

Now, the fun part is up to you!


Thomas said...

Great post - this is a good example af what dood office parties can be, even in this economy.



Marjorie Brody said...

Thanks, Thomas, for your feedback!

Glad to offer information you find helpful.

Happy holidays!

Marjorie Brody

Diana Cummings said...

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