Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Modern-Day Networking: “Dripping” Can Solidify Relationships

Are you dripping?

Think of “dripping” as a way to keep in touch with clients and colleagues – a little bit at a time, repeatedly.

In the course of a day, many of us might meet one or several people who we want to build a relationship with – one that is mutually beneficial, win/win, and helping others.

Yet, just a meeting, whether chance or purposefully planned, isn’t enough.

That’s where the dripping starts.

Immediately after meeting someone that you want to foster a relationship with, send something to the person – an e-mail, a text, a Tweet, a note, an article.

Then, touch base again with a call or even offer to do lunch. Look for ways to help the other person. Find commonality.

As the relationship starts to build, you continue to “drip.” Your contact might be once a month, or once every other month.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a fallacy! When it comes to business networking and building relationships, it’s more like, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Dripping keeps you in the mind’s eye of the other person, since you touch base on a frequent basis.

Building relationships is more important, and easier to do, than ever before.

So, just keep on dripping!

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B Jitu said...

Big thing in a small envelope. great advise. thanks Marjorie Brody.