Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent Graduates -- Or Any Professional -- Be Open to All Possibilities

Good news. By all accounts and feedback, my Temple commencement address went well.

Soon it can be seen on YouTube and on our web site.

The audience got involved, and I had fun.

If you haven’t been following my blog, last week I was the keynote graduation speaker for the School of Communications & Theater at Temple University. There were 675 graduates, and another 2,000 plus (family, friends, faculty, etc) in attendance.

I must admit, I was stressed – but well-prepared!

The first two points I covered (which I wrote about in my last two weekly blog posts) were:

1)Play to your strengths and passion for greater success

2)Market yourself continually and professionally

The third point is: Be open to all possibilities.

The world is different now than when these graduates entered college, and it will continue to change.

The class of 2009 can’t afford to think in silos. This fresh crop of college graduates needs to be open-minded as to where they can apply their talents and skills.

If things don’t exist, or graduates have a tough time finding such “perfect” opportunities, they need to look for new ways to create them.

Where would the talents of a broadcast major fit? What nontraditional “platforms” can a theater major perform on?

Flexibility and creativity are key for new graduates. Continuing their education – whether formal or informal – will be essential.

The challenge for graduates is to focus on the next steps of learning.

My mantra is, “If you aren’t green and growing, you are ripe and rotting.”

Although my presentation was to recent college graduates, this message is valuable for all business professionals.

Next week, I’ll share my fourth strategy for new graduates. Stay tuned!

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